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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Uvita, Costa Rica
2nd to 19th April, 2022

2nd  April - 19th April, 2022


US$5,030 all-inclusive pricing! Scroll down for details

Destination Yoga
200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Josh Kramer & Yoga Garage

Begin your transformational journey with Yoga. Come join our all-inclusive 200-hour Advanced Teacher Training in magical Costa Rica! This is an amazing opportunity for you to delve deeper into your personal practice and take the first steps towards becoming a certified Yoga Teacher.


* 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification 

* Training is from March (Specific Dates to be confirmed)

* Fully inclusive training - all meals and accommodation provided!

* Check-in April 2nd, Check-out April 19th, 2022

* Stay in the Costa Rica Jungle - pools, amazing room and views

* Day off excursions around Costa Rica

* Learning about the roots of yoga from experienced practitioners and teachers 

*This training is open to all levels. We only ask that you are passionate about Yoga, and eager to work!

Apply Here

Contact us to reserve your spot.


The next stage of your Yoga journey awaits! Fill in the contact form, or simply email for all the details to reserve your space on our 200hr Advanced Teacher Training.


All payment information and refund policies will be communicated via email once you contact us.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

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Whats Involved?

Your home for this 17 day all-inclusive training will be Vista Celestial where we will spend our training days, or alternatively a nearby Villa depending on your accommodation selection. Vista Celestial is located in the lush jungles of Uvita, tucked away up the mountain side. You will have access to a private waterfall trail, abundant wildlife around you, toucans in trees and much more. Vista Celestial has five large rooms which each sleep 3 students. Head to their website to tour the facilities and view the rooms. We also have several off-site accommodations to sleep additional students. These will be a short distance away, and you will be driven to and from them each day for the training.


Vista Celestial will be your home with a group of likeminded Yogis as you learn and practice throughout your time in Costa Rica. You will dive deeper into learning about the practice of yoga and learn a range of skills as both a teacher and student. You will study the roots of yoga and its culture and, at the same time, we will encourage you to think outside the box to create your own personal style. Subjects include Yoga sequencing, pose breakdowns, basic anatomy, pranayama, philosophy, assists and adjustments, and much more. You will leave this training feeling confident in your newfound knowledge and experience! Come and journey with us on this adventure! We will enjoy amazing meals together, become closest of friends, and explore some of the beauty and culture Costa Rica has to offer. We hope to see you soon.


Pricing for this training is all inclusive! That means you pay one amount which covers your tuition and certification, your shared accommodation and 3 meals per day for 17 nights.

Once we confirm your attendance, you will be required to make the tuition payment directly to us. These prices do not include airfare, transportation costs (although we will provide helpful information for arrival and departure), or costs incurred during day-off excursions.

A security deposit will be required to reserve your space at the training. Security deposits are non-refundable unless disruptions are due to Covid-19. Specific details will be provided to you by email after your initial inquiry to join the course.

For more information or any specific questions, please refer to the FAQ below or email us and we will happily address your concerns.


Cultivating your Personal Practice
- developing a Sadhana (your personal practice)
- delving into what growth means as a student of Yoga
- introduction to an introspective practice through meditation & Pranayama


- understanding and application of basic applied anatomy and physiology
- distinguishing functional anatomy
- posture clinics to break down and explore poses
- teaching using props to support or deepen students practice


Functional Approach to Yoga Anatomy
- moving beyond broad anatomy
- recognizing that all bodies are different and how this applies to Yoga
- adapting poses to suit individual anatomical requirements


Yoga Class Sequencing
- build confidence in effective Yoga class and flow sequencing
- establish a foundational class sequence which may be built off
- learn how to break the mould with creative sequencing


Base Adjustments & Assists
- Learn how to safely and effectively assist students in a selection of poses
- exploring assists and how to incorporate them
- integrating your knowledge of anatomy with your assists
- develop effective demonstration techniques


Inversions & Arm Balances
- teaching arm balances and inversions safely and effectively
- assists and adjustments
- developing your own arm balance skills


Yoga as Profession
- business development and marketing of Yoga
- ethics of being a Yoga professional
- how to grow yourself as a teacher, and a business
- planning & teaching workshops, retreats, festivals and more.


Yoga Philosophy
- build your knowledge and understanding of Yogic Philosophy and History
- delve into the Yoga Sutras in a simplified manner
- Basic Sanskrit language development
- how to integrate philosophy into your teaching in a practical way


Introduction to Pranayama
- build a deeper understanding and experience of Pranayama techniques
- practice Pranayama in your own body before learning to teach it
- gain experience in teaching Pranayama and breathing techniques to students
- Bandha and Kriya


Yoga for Special Populations
- explore the role of Yoga for a range of special populations you may encounter
- how to safely and effectively teach to different audiences


Reflection & Hands on Teaching
- reflect on your personal practice and how to expand your teaching
- hands on experience implementing new teaching approaches
- build experience as a teacher

Daily Schedule.

The schedule below is an example of a typical day. Please note that days may vary, but this is typical of what you can expect. Day’s will be intense - we believe that this is what grows you both as an individual and teacher. There will also be plenty of time for breaks, bonfires, swims in the pool, and laughter!


07:30 - 9:00 | Meditation/Practice/Pranayama
9.00 - 10.00 | Guided Yoga Asana Practice
10:00 - 10:30 | Breakfast & Discussion
10:30 - 13:00 | Lectures & Teaching
13:00 - 14:00 | Lunch & Discussion
14:00 - 17:30 | Lessons/Observations/Assisting
17:30 - 18:30 | Asana Practice
19:00 - 20:30 | Dinner & Discussion
20:30 - 21:30 | Activity/Satsang/Yogic Philosophy/ Bonfires etc


During the training, we will arrange for day’s off as well as partial days. These will likely take place on Sunday, however we may choose to do our day offs on a weekday to avoid crowds.

All Inclusive Pricing

The price of US$5,030 includes tuition as well as all meals and shared accommodation (3 students per room). Private accommodation is available in off-site villas by request.


This does not include airfare, transportation costs (although we will provide helpful information for arrival and departure), or costs incurred during day-off excursions. Please note, private occupancy is available by request and pricing will vary.


Vista Celestial

Shared room: US$5,030

These large rooms will be shared by 3 students with one King bed, one double bed, and one single. The Room has a small kitchen facility, a large bathroom, and its own private outdoor hot tub overlooking the ocean and jungles.


Offsite Villa 1

Private Room: US$5,600

Shared Room: US$5,030

This villa has three bedrooms - two have king beds, and one has two twin singles for shared occupancy. This villa is located a short drive from Vista Celestial, and you will be shuttled each morning and night to do the training at Vista Celestial.


Offsite Villa 2

Private Room: US$5,600

This villa has three bedrooms - all with double or king beds. This villa is located a short drive from Vista Celestial, and you will be shuttled each morning and night to do the training at Vista Celestial.

Meet The Team


Josh Kramer

Yoga has been with Josh since he was a child growing up in Zimbabwe, and it has become his life’s passion to share it’s many gifts with the world.

Josh has been practising Yoga since he was a young child and teaching since his late teens. His style melds a unique blend of Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa flow - he emphasizes alignment and integrity in the poses, whilst challenging students with creativity and strength.

Through his training, students will develop a strong foundation in the classical roots of Yoga, but with the creativity to fuze in modern and nuanced styles.


Guido Baligioni

Guido Baligioni has been practicing yoga since 2000. He has explored many methods, from very gentle and traditional methods, to more modern and energetic styles.


His lessons combine challenging postures, breathing techniques (pranayama) and yoga philosophy. His style comes from the two methods of yoga he has been the most influenced by: Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.


Guido loves to push his students to their maximum potential, following a safe and personalized progression. He has been leading teacher trainings for many years, helping to mold a new generation of yoga teachers. 


Tess Obermeier

Tess Obermeier tried yoga for the first time in 2004. From there she moved closer and closer to the practice with consistency and passion.


Tess has studied many different yoga methods to deepen her understanding and widen her view of yoga. She has been teaching since 2011 and has been training many students on their own path to become yoga teachers.


Tess trains with passion and precision and comprehensively prepares her students to step into the important role of ‘teacher.’ To her, there is nothing as satisfying as watching her students grow.


Experience Costa Rica

Your Days Off.

On our days off, we will adventure out and enjoy the amazing experiences Costa Rica has to offer - picture venturing to waterfalls tucked away in the jungle, exploring rugged and untamed beaches, or spending the day adventuring together as a group. The rich culture, landscape and incredible food found throughout Costa Rica will leave us spoiled for choice! There are endless opportunities, and we will make sure your days off will be experiences for you to cherish for the rest of your life.

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